Monday, August 22, 2005

A real disciple

A real disciple who obey his guru to the letter

A Guru was travelling with his sishya (disciple) in a bullock-cart.
He needed to rest, so he instructed his disciple to watch the things
in the cart and see if anything fell out, and went to sleep. After
some time, the road became bumpy and some items fell off. The
disciple obeying his guru's instructions, 'watched' what fell out by
staring at them until they were out of sight!

"When the Guru woke up, he saw the pale face of the disciple. The
Guru asked what had happened. The disciple faithfully related the
incident. The Guru patiently explained to the sishya that if anything
fell out of the cart, he must stop, pick it up and throw it back in
the cart!

"The Guru went to sleep again. Shortly afterwards one of the bulls
relieved itself. The disciple, executing his guru's words to the
letter, collected the dung and threw it in the cart. It landed on the
Guru's face, who woke up and realising his disciple's foolishness,
became angry. He decided to write down on a paper all the things that
were to be collected if they fell off.

"The journey continued. After sometime on a sharp bend, the guru
himself was thrown out of the cart. The disciple got alarmed. He
didn't know what to do.. He checked the list, and not finding the
Guru's name on it.he left him lying down and proceeded on the

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