Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Chinese saying: Riding a tiger

"He who learns to ride a tiger must also learn how to dismount it, lest he ends up in its stomach."

Chinese saying

This very much reflects the situation of a corrupt and oppressive government. Whoever is or are in power cannot afford to let go of power as letting go of power can mean those who then holds the power can uncover a lot of dirt (skeletons) and they can up in jail or even worst, hanged (get eaten up by the tiger). This often means such corrupt governments will resort to oppressive means to suppress uprising and hang on to power by whatever means.

However, let those oppressed be comforted. No empire, neither the Roman Empire nor the British Empire (on which the sun never sets?) lasted forever. One day, that must end. It is only a matter of time and how.

Let us keep track of political developments in Malaysia to see what develops over the next couple of years or decades.

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