Friday, April 25, 2008

Semi-Value: Who is he?

Here is a big puzzle. Josh Hong of Malaysiakini called someone Semi-Value. Who exactly is this Semi-Value?

To those familiar with the Malaysian politics, it is no big puzzle, for Samy Vellu had been disgraced and shamed after this so called political tsunami on April 8, 2008, the 12th Malaysian General Election. Samy Vellu and his political party MIC (Malaysian Indian Congress) had been accused of neglecting the poor Indian communities and in fact had been implicated in the hijacking of some public issue shares alloted to the Indian community. The Malaysian Indian community and the general Malaysian community finally go got fed-up and kicked him plus many of his other MIC colleagues out in that April 8 Malaysian General Election and he lost his Works Minister post.

Well Semi-Value sounds pretty much similar to Samy Vellu to me. Actually, it should be No-Value for in my opinion, Samy Vellu is of no value anymore to either the Indian community or to Malaysia in general. But that is tough for No-Value does not sound like Samy Vellu plus he is still clinging like a leach to his MIC President post despite the horrible beating his MIC party suffered in that March 8 political tsunami. So perhaps he still have some residual value to Malaysia, for his continued presence will go a long way in making Malaysian voters vote against the BN (Barisan Nasional), so perhaps we better hope he continue to cling on, leach or not.

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